Monday, July 6, 2020

YaJagoff Podcast, Episode 45 – A Party on the City Porte-Cochère

It’s a Christmas tree delivery! We’ve upgraded from the Summer Porch Tour to a Christmas Porte-Cochère tour at the City-County Building on Grant Street. We podcasted while the big...

YaJagoff Podcast, Episode 44 – Tea and Crumpets With Byron Nash?

It all started in the green room with whiskey infused cupcakes, Scott Baker with a toaster under his arm and John Knight trying to chime in from a rally...

The YaJagoff! Podcast | Hockey (Well, Kind Of) With Bryan Trottier

We went all hockey this episode! Hockey Hall of Famer and 7-time Stanley Cup winner, Bryan Trottier is in the studio… WITH HIS GUITAR!!!! He sings, he tells stories...