Wednesday, January 20, 2021
YaJAgoff Podcast Collage

#YaJagoffPodcast/The FanMastic Podcast  

Summary: Brad Factor teaches the jagoffs how to factor in a VR element to enhance job training with the world’s first robotic VR shoes, and thankfully the Campisi’s add...
YaJagoff Podcast From Top Golf

#YaJagoffPodcast/A PODdy at Top Golf

Summary: Eager to better their golf games, the jagoffs invite entertainment industry leader Brian Drusky of Drusky Entertainment, Veteran’s Place pioneer Rob Hamilton and even secured some Alex Maxwell...
YaJagoff Podcast Collage Fudge Farm

#YaJagoffPodcast/Fudge, it’s Sundae! 

Summary: Fudge and candy and ice cream, oh my!  That is what to expect with shop owner Molly Rainey at Fudge Farm on the South Side.  The jagoffs received an amazing vision and voice...