A Bird Box #PeterParkers Pic?

    While relaxing at home, got this cute lil' pic emailed to us from the Wilkes-Barre area. Here is the message that came with it:

    How Was “Hamilton,” You Ask?

    Today's blog post by YaJagoff Podcast co-host Rachael Rennebeck. Thank you to the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust for access and for your hard work in getting this production to Pittsburgh. There are those wowed with Wicked, then there are the Mamma Mia mobs, and of course the...

    Can This Qualify as a Jagoff?

    My CX6600 printer takes a T044120 black cartridge and the T044220, T044320, T044240 color cartridges.  WHAT?  I'm already confused! But WAIT!

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