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How to Catch a Bike Thief


How do you nab a bike thief?  Well, how about by finding him holding two of the brand new bikes with price tags still on them? And it ain’t like its in New York City where there are thousands of people per block and one guy with 2 new bikes could be confused with 3 OTHER guys walking around with 2 new bikes with price tags on them! It’s in the little town of Verona. (Full Story on

(Insert “Cheers” song here…. “Everybody knoooooows your name!”)

Seems that Dirty Harry’s had been burglarized 3 times in the past couple of weeks.  And, on this given night, the front window got smashed and, yep, someone took some bikes.  Poor Tracy McCoy just happened to be walking around the little town of Verona with… yep…you guessed it… two new bikes!

Tracy, quickly, tell the cops you were upset that the bikes weren’t properly outfitted with baseball cards on the back wheels so that they would make a faux motorcycle noise!  Say that you were going to install the baseball cards at your own cost, and return the bikes to be sold at a higher value!  Especially the bike with the Honus Wagner card taped to it!

Not a great alibi but, sounds better than what ya got now!

Tracy…small hint.. could have been a cool scheme if you wouldn’t have been such a bike-thief glutton and walked around with just ONE bike… or … RODE it!!  Walking two bikes around kind of calls attention to oneself.  Either way, looks like you got… (I’m apologizing for this now) caught red HANDLED…YaJagoff!