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BYOP Ya Jagoff! 

BYOP YaJagoff Podcast

We have all seen the unique mazes and top 10 variety of quarantine lists.  We have chosen ultimate quarantine houses and declared what we will do when routine somewhat resumes. But what if you could BYOP? Nope, nuttin’ to do with alcohol ordering!  Ya Jagoff! challenges you to Build Your Own Podcast…bracket style Pittsburgh!  

Starting Wednesday, we will release five names at a time in three categories and YOU get to sound off on your faves.  That is it.  No other rhyme or reason folks.  Just Pittsburgh people, Pittsburgh things and Pittsburgh places that are near and dear to your ‘Burgh hearts.  The best part is we give you the entire list today to peruse and wonder how the brackets will play out. Then Wednesday, you will select ONE and ONLY ONE from each category.  Yes, the pressure is on because these are Pittsburgh favorites who had something to do with The Pittsburgh Podcast! 

Humpday will never be the same, Pittsburgh.  Let’s get ready to Pittsburgh rumble……….. 

In no particular order, behold 25 Pittsburgh peeps who appeared on the Ya Jagoff podcast 

  1. FRZY
  2. Arthur Moats
  3. The Duffy Women
  4. Rick Sebak
  5. Johnny Angel & Pete Hewlett
  6. Ron Smiley
  7. Kiya Tomlin
  8. Conor Lamb
  9. Rich Fitzgerald
  10. Natalie Bencivenga
  11. Trisha Pittman
  12. Roberto Clemente Jr.
  13. Matt Cullen
  14. Bryan Rust
  15. Ryan Shazier
  16. JuJu Smith Schuster
  17. James Conner
  18. Hines Ward
  19. Edgar Snyder
  20. Santonio Holmes
  21. Ray Zawodni & Collin Chamberlin
  22. Colby Armstrong
  23. Cyril Wecht
  24. Heather Abraham & David Highfield
  25. Greg Brown

In no particular order, behold 25 Pittsburgh popular THINGS: 

  1. Primanti’s sandwich  
  2. Parking chair 
  3. Pierogi 
  4. Terrible Towel 
  5. Potato Patch fries 
  6. Iron City beer 
  7. Smiley cookie  
  8. Shopping buggy  
  9. Rubber duck 
  10. Steeler’s helmet 
  11. Lemieux jersey 
  12. Mr. Roger’s style cardigan 
  13. Worshing machine 
  14. Gum band 
  15. Babushka 
  16. Mancini’s bread 
  17. Isaly’s chipped ham 
  18. Heinz ketchup 
  19. Mr. Roger’s statue 
  20. Rubish can 
  21. Pickle pin 
  22. Pothole 
  23. Stanley Cup 
  24. Pirate hat 
  25. Lombardi Trophy 

In no particular order, behold 25 Pittsburgh places n’at: 

  1. Heinz Field 
  2. PNC Park 
  3. PPG Paints Arena 
  4. The Incline  
  5. The Carnegie Science Center 
  6. The Point 
  7. The Children’s Museum 
  8. The Pittsburgh Zoo 
  9. Clemente Bridge 
  10. Cathedral of Learning 
  11. Aviary 
  12. Heinz History Center 
  13. Eat n’ Park 
  14. Market Square 
  15. Primanti’s 
  16. Mt. Washington overlook 
  17. St. Paul’s Cathedral 
  18. Kennywood 
  19. Color Park 
  20. Randyland 
  21. Oakmont Bakery 
  22. The Gateway Clipper 
  23. Jacks on the Southside 
  24. The Rivers Casino 
  25. The water steps 

  • SinBinKreations
  • North Country Brewing


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