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Baseball Jagoffs

Bucs Get A Winning Season!


When is the last time we can think about the Pirates being a distraction for the Steelers being inept?????  Well, its here!!!

The Texas Rangers get into the sports history books by losing to the Pirates and allowing them the first winning season in 20 years…. this note will go right next to the photo of the 2 saps that Mario is juking outta their jocks in the Lemeiux, Le Magnifique statue!!

After the win, I tweeted, to expect School Closings today due to the 82 wins.  Twitter follower Robb Pascoe tweeted back,

@YaJagoff they’ll be ticker tape parades riots strangers will be hugs& kissing penndot will not be doing construction it’ll b mass hysteria

As ya know, the word Jagoff can be used in many ways!!  And today, we say it with LOVE..

Nice win Bucs!  We love ya, YA JAGOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Leave a FAVORITE Pirates memory in the comment section below by 11:59pm today, EST.  

SOMEONE is winning a Jagoff t-shirt! 

(All commentors will be entered into a raffle.)

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