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What Aggravates Me John Knight

Blinded by the Light

Welcome to our regular Saturday feature “What Aggravates Me”

If you are reading this, it means you listened to advice and didn’t stare directly into the eclipse. Or maybe you looked at it with those special glasses. Or you took the time to build one of those special boxes. Actually, just a regular box with a little hole in it. Kind of like the hole that you looked through in High School trying to see inside the girls showers. I know women never resorted to this kind of childish behavior. Of course, if you want to see a guy naked, all you have to do is ask.

Yeah, I know, the eclipse was five days ago and you’ve moved on. I’m just using this post to promote the video we shot for the event. It came out earlier in the week and I was disappointed by the number of views we got. A lot of time and effort went into the filming and I think it deserves a wider audience. Let me just say, the person that trained the deer you see in the background cost $10,000 alone.

OK, if you’ve already seen the video, you might be thinking that I’m just throwing something together here. Did you ever stop to think that I may have a cigar event to go to in half an hour? Why do you only think of yourself?

Anyway, here’s our video, I hope you enjoy.

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