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Bike Lane Jagoffery?



So bike lanes lead to to people using bikes more often but then again, they can also lead to bike lane jagoffery.

To be honest, the whole bike lane thing with Mayor Peduto perplexes me.  Reason being, the Mayor is an ice hockey player and, as a fellow ice hockey player, I would have thought the hockey lobby would have had more power with him to prioritize year-round ice skating lanes.  Little frozen tracks all over the City.  But… nope!

See the video below of the Jagoffery captured as it happened.

I get it.  Some of you might be against the bike lane concept.  But, it is part of the future.. what the younger generations (whatever letter they are, X, Y, XX, YY, ZZ) want.  But on the other hand, they are here so, we should abide by them…especially when you have an entire #@$!#$!#$$#!@$^%#^!#$!$#!$#!!$#!#$!#$!!#$!#%$^%$@^%#&!$!#$!#$!##%$^%&%&!$%!!^!^$!# bridge to walk on to the Pirates game!

I mean, at least do some kind of air-bike routine and put one of those little thumb bells on your wrist if you’re gonna be in that lane, Ya Jagoff!

Thanks to Frank Murgia for the video and for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher.

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