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Becky Willis

Bathroom Jagoffs Guest Blog Post

This post has been brewing in my head for months, but I didn’t think a bathroom rant would appropriately fit on my blog about my kids (’lil Burghers). It made me think, these really are stories about bathroom Jagoffs

Usually, I am a really nice person, so it’s hard for me to identify Jagoffs around me. Okay, we all can identify our parking jagoffs and on the road jagoffs. But, the most annoying Jagoff I’ve encountered has to be the bathroom Jagoffs.

No, I’m not about to tell the (over told) stories of women whining about pee on the seat, mis-looped toilet paper, or un-flushed potties. The Jagoffs I am talking about are the ones who do really annoying things that don’t belong in private let alone public bathrooms.

Take for instance the “take a business call while doing business” Jagoff. Admit it, most of us are guilty of sneaking a Facebook browse or round of Candy Crush Saga in while taking a quick break. But, the bathroom is not the place to answer a phone call. I was recently “trapped” in a stall because someone else took a business call (even saying they had to flush) and I didn’t want to be so rude as to flush my own toilet. Don’t be that Jagoff.

Another favorite of mine is the ”Peeker”. People, I am in there doing my business, and don’t think I can’t see you peeking in through the cracks of my stall. If you are looking to see if I’m doing business while doing business, get over it (you’re right, but probably also guilty if you know to look, ahem).

Surely you’ve met the Jagoffs who shut the door in your face, think they own the counter space, or leave water on the sinks, right?

Alright Pittsburghers, let’s not be these kind of Jagoffs. Get in, do your thing in privacy, and get out. Don’t be talking to me through the stall do or forgetting to courtesy flush,  YA JAGOFFS!


Becky is a blogger at ‘lil Burgher .When she’s not busy with work, her kids, or blogging, she’s tweeting as @mrsgregwillis and watching out for Jagoffs.

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