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Criminal Jagoffs

Bad Day for a Bad T-shirt Choice

Well, according to a Baden, PA police report, it seems that 36-year-old Michael Emrick couldn’t have chosen a better outfit to wear the other day unless he would have chosen a Beaver County Jail jumpsuit.

To be clear, this is Michael Emrick not Mike “Doc” Emrick the famous NHL announcer and passionate Pittsburgh Pirates fan.

Michael, wore that shirt on a day that he:

stole some food from a convenience store

tried to run over police with his car during the get-away process

was seen throwing drug paraphernalia from his vehicle

left his vehicle and tried to escape through the woods

and his car had been stolen from a local car dealership

details on

Yeppir… really good at making bad decisions. But in the words of his name-soul-mate, Mike “Doc” Emrick,


(reach down deep and get your best screaming, excited Doc Emrick voice)

“Baden Michael” swaggered on into the convenience store, freight-trained his way outta the parking log with a stolen vehicle and squibbed through the lot past the police and finessed on into the woods but not without trying to pitchfork away some drug paraphernalia all to be sealed off and caught by the police… my goodness… YaJagoffs!

Author’s note:  Ok… to be honest, I took a little liberty with the YaJagoffs part!

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