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#YaJagoff Podcast

Back to School Episode

September 13, 2016

01:00 We are back in the studio for the first time in weeks. A record crowd was expected at the Pitt vs Penn State Football game, 70,000, and pretty sure we had that many people in the studio for this episode!
03:30 PLLs, somehow, two Professional Lunch Ladies barged into the studio. Quite honestly, they’re nuts but…..

07:10 First up, Dr. Nancy Berk, podcaster, author, humorist, Parade Magazine columnist, stand-up comedian, and mom. She wrote a book, College Bound and Gagged, on how to NOT go insane over choosing, touring, and paying for colleges!

17:40 Our anonymous teacher, a real teacher, comes on to tell us about parents being Jagoffs.
25:00 What about battling the fashion issue with sending kids back to school. And, there’s a new secret to the FASFA rules that could make a parent’s life so much less stressful around tax time when filling out those damned forms. Femme, from the blog, is with us. Craig’s all ears knowing that he has 3 boys that will have to go through this process!

37:15 The PLLs, Professional Lunch Ladies are back. They have a long tradition of lunch lady work in their past. They want us to eat healthily… but, of course, we’re eating donuts and cupcakes and drinking chocolate milk!
45:15 Don’t forget about the John Knight running for POTUS! He’s having a contest to see who wants to be his VP running mate under the #Jagoffs Party. You can win some cool prizes. Get details.

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