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Anyone Remember the Term “Litter Bug?”

YaJagoff blog about Pittsburgh

It’s hard to believe that we still see this. We thought that the “throwing trash out of a car window” thing, other than cigarette butts was not really a thing anymore. Butt.. I mean.. but…there we were at the stop light, waiting patiently for the light to turn green and, down come this person’s winda, out comes a hand and drops that stuff right to the ground.   Can you not throw it to the floor in your car, or in a bag in your car?  Being a Litter Bug is soooooooooooooo retro!

I used a drive through banking window yesterday; it was a very windy day.  My receipt blew out of my hand, I got out of my car and chased that stupid thing 15 feet because of guilt!

Keep that #*!@ in your car until you get home or until you get to the gas station to fill-up. Do you do that in your living room YaJagoff?




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