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Uncategorized is the Anti-Christ and a New Computer Keyboard


Some of you haven’t worked a full week of actual work for about 2-3 weeks.  Today, you are faced with Monday and, more than likely a 5-day work week.  On top of that, there’s no Steelers football, thus, no Black-and-Gold and Pot-Luck Friday (i.e, a day of work that is not really a day of work  because you’re too busy coordinating the crock pot and veggie tray set-up and tear-down).  So, the keyboard button above can be utilized as needed.

By the way, if ya did work the holidays keeping us safe, happy and healthy, THANK YOU!

In the meantime, I have identified the next threat to my own New Year resolutions AND civilization as we know it…

As you may know, just before Christmas, I published a book based on this blog, Above the Fries.  It is available on, of course,  Mind you, until the book, I basically new how to spell and new that it was not a place to look at scary large women.  That’s the extent of my experience.

Because of the book, I opened an account.   And there ya have it, the fall of my New Years resolution and civilization as we know it…. you can sit in a reclining chair, on a couch, in your bed or stand in a New Years Eve rush checkout line… and order ANNNNNYYYYYYYYYTHING!  Including exercise equipment that you will hang your new Christmas clothes on.

My fear….because of, I am going to become “that guy” that doesn’t realize that he’s getting larger each day and, eventually, has to have a wall of his house removed to extricate him for transport him to bariatric surgery.  I’m close to it already… I’ve ordered at least one item every other day since Christmas and, somehow, we suddenly have zero Christmas cookies left!!!

Maybe it’s good that there’s no Black-and-Gold and Pot-Luck Friday.. cuz, if there was, I might have to go on and order a 3XL Terry Hanratty jersey for the party.

Get to work, YaJagoffs!

If ya happen to be wanting to enter the Amazon vortex… you can order the book by clicking below.

Above the Fries_Cover2