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A Work Jagoff With Gum


You’ve been there…. the work place meeting breakfast all set up on a meeting table:

  1. Cardboard box of come expensive whole-lotta-spensive-crappalotta-mocha
  2. Paper plates
  3. Junky napkins that feel as soft as the bark on an oak tree
  4. Donuts
  5. Bagels the side of a baby’s head
  6. Yogurt and Granola
  7. A bin of butter
  8. A bin of assorted flavored cream cheeses
  9. A pile of plastic knives that are as bendy as a yoga instructor

And, who could forget…Gum.. chewed up, rolled up GUM!

Yeppir, that’s what that thingy is sticking to the table at the work meeting!  Here’s the message that came with the photo:

During our meeting at the office somebody just stuck their gum on the table where all the food was……the garbage can was just a few feet away.

Hey Work Gumby (that one was almost too easy)…for gawd sakes… don’ ya know that you’re supposed to put your gum under the rim of your paper plate if you want to re-use it after eating an Everything Bagel? And if you’re NOT going to reuse it, please have the cooth to dispose of it like people at work with manners do… properly stick it on the underside of your desk or desk chair to that employees 10 years from now can gag over it!  The breakfast table ain’t no Kennywood/Tunderbolt “Gum Wall” Ya Jagoff!


Thanks, once again, to Nicole Borello for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher (her 4th submission) and, practically, our San Francisco Jagoff Catching Bureau Chief!

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