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A Two-fer on Left Hand Turns


You have heard of two-fers on suits, specials in Isaly’s Chipped Ham and maybe even ice cream cones but…..howzabout a two-fer on illegal left turns!

We see the bus, the “professional driver” of the 2 running the red light and then, we see the second vehicle take the two-fer special and almost get hit by and oncoming car!  No doubt that the two-fer taker will say, “I didn’t see that the light was red because the bus was so big!” Yeah.. so stop driving up the bus’s ARSE!

We understand the desire to get a two-fer special on anything but.. a two-fer on Pittsburgh Lefts seems a little dangerous. Not as dangerous as a Baltimore Ravens stepping on a Terrible Towel in the middle of the Steelers locker room byt… dangerous enough to know that oncoming car is gonna hurt if it hits.. YaJagoffs!

Thanks to YinzLidz for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher again this week!



  • SinBinKreations
  • North Country Brewing


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