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A Trip, Trip, Triple Block-Blocker


The traffic around Pittsburgh can get frustrating.  The traffic around Pittsburgh with nearly ever major roadway AND their detours under construction can be I-can’t-find-a-power-outlet-for-my-smart-phone-and-puppies-might-die level of frustrating. When other drivers don’t know the difference between red, yellow and green lights, all of that traffic frustration can take your blood pressure to I-ate-3,561-high-sodium-pretzels-and-drank-421-cases-of-beers-last-night level.

This intersection on Route 51 near 88, otherwise known as the intersection of Hades and The Hell of the Steelers Having a Losing Season 15 Consecutive Years, took  the Vin-man, to another level.  Luckily, he was on company time so… life ain’t so bad when you’re watching something like this when you’re earning time-and-a-half .

Here’s my thought on each of them, ( i.e, made up excuse so that I don’t have to admit that they are complete ignoramuses) their GPS units said, “Continue on Route 51..”  So they did.. the GPS didn’t say nuthin’ about stopping at no red lights!

Hey you 3 traffic stooges, if by chance you are going to continue to listen to that GPS thing and NOT look out your windshield at the traffic lights every once in a while, we’re pretty sure that you’re gonna look kinda silly the first time the GPS voice says, “Ditch, you’re in a big damned ditch, Ya Jagoff!”


Thanks as always to our man, the Vin-Man for the pic!

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