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Neighbor Jagoffs

Hey, Let’s Do A Business Boycott – OF OUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORS!!!

Ok..this COULD get long and drawn out but here’s a quick summary before we get to our point.

Some businesses and residents of the South Side have seen very positive results from the area’s re-tooling efforts over the past 15-20 years.  They would like that “growing, vibrant neighborhood” process to continue and, given the City of Pittsburgh’s current financial stresses, some of the residents believe it would be helpful to start a “Neighborhood Improvement District” for the area.  It’s a fee-based concept, where neighbors pitch-in (i.e. take direct responsibility) for street cleaning, parking maintenance, safety, projects to maintain a specific standard of existence.

No doubt, there will be businesses and individuals opposed to this concept given that the creation of the NID means pulling money out of your own pocket to pay for services that you’d THINK you should be getting ALREADY from your local taxes.  Fixed incomes, the effect of the economy on local businesses, traffic from the Batman and Tom Cruise movies will all be factors on how each person forms their own opinion about the NID concept.

As the folks from CW Press say on their response (here), everyone deserves a right to their opinion and the opportunity to voice that opinion.  Then, typically, somehow an issue like this, gets resolved with all parties compromising in the end for greater good.

UNLESS you are Dan Murrer, of who ALSO operates on the South side.  Dan thought he would take his case to the public in a VERY PROFESSIONAL manner and mailed the above flier to folks in the proposed NID area.  BOYCOTT!!!!  “These people want to TAX your money!”

REALLY??  Dan, you forgot, “Firehouses and ambulance stations MIGHT close and your neighbor or your neighbor’s kid MIGHT DIE!”  And another good one you missed is, “These business owners KICK PUPPIES when they see them on the street!”

A boycott over a local community improvement issue?  It’s not like someone’s trying to build an asbestos manufacturing plant next door!

Danny-boy, OH Danny-boy, we love you so.  You’re chicken-little-the-sky-is-going-to-fall mailer, COULD have said, please stop by these local businesses and voice your opinion about the NID, but no—BOYCOTT!!!!

For your follow-up flier, we suggest stealing from the recent County Exec political ads and create a RESPECTABLE negativity campaign likeAll supporters of the NID are pee-pee heads and, when you see them on the South side, stand about 25-feet away from them and use your thumb and pointer finger in a pinching motion to pretend like your squishing  their heads,” Ya Jagoff?

NOTE: As you know, we NEVER promote boycotting in our blogs.  Therefore, our standard challenge is offered:  You can earn a prize by donning one of our “Don’t Be A Jagoff” t-shirts and getting your picture taken with Dan OR in front of his place and being the first person to post it on our Facebook page HERE!  Dan’s address, is on the mailer but if you need it it’s, 1911 East Carson St. Pittsburgh, PA 15203.  DO NOT BE A JAGOFF and damage anything of Dan’s other than his emotions. Good luck.

NOTE AFTER THE NOTE:  Our guest blogs will be starting this Friday along with our online auction of autographed Don’t Be A Jagoff T-shirts.  Go here to peruse the menu.

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