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A Picture Perfect #PeterParkers Pic As We Prepare for Picklesburgh

Peter Parkers Pic Mechanicsburg

This guy!! Not even close.  Kind of put it right there and said.. “this is ME!”  The good news is that this #PeterParkers pic came to us from Mechanicsburg just in time for Picklesburgh!  What does THAT mean? Well, we are prepping all of our Pittsburgh Picklesburg return.. so it gave us an easy blog post.  Despite all of our preaching, people still park like.. well… you know!

For the record, this is one of those situations where we think a reverse-guillotine built into the parking lot surface and lines would be pretty awesome. Intense.. but awesome!  Just think of it, the Parking Lot Czar would see this and hit a button. Boom!  The reverse guillotine shoots up and cuts the car in half.. PERFECTLY .. based on how this car is placed on the line!

Anyway.. see yinz all at Picklesburgh.  Make sure you park right…… YaJagoffs!

Thanks to Bill in Mechanicsburg for the WalMart pic and for being our honorary Jagoff Catcher today!


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