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YaJagoff Podcast Coronavirus

#YaJagoff Podcast

A Check-in with Chains of Command 

March 24, 2020

The jagoffs can’t be on a location, but they can still chat Pittsburgh. They phone friends like Tony Fratto, former White House Deputy Press Secretary and Assistant Secretary of the Department of Treasury, plus the Allegheny County dynamic duo of ACE (that is how well we know County Exec Rich Fitzgerald) and Amie Downs, his much-needed Director of Communications.

BAND:Justin Wade Band

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Question of the Day:

Since Rona, what have you done more of sleeping, eating or you fill in the blank_________?

5:10 Rich Fitzgerald and Amie Downs:

Allegheny County Exec Rich Fitzgerald andCommunications Director for Allegheny CountyAmie Downs are hands down our county caregivers, especially facing the Carona craziness. Fitzgerald may have replaced handshakes with call-ins, but he is forever known as the Energizer Bunny for his multi-tasking.  Downs 9 years on the forefront is obvious with her precise grammar and organizational skills, plus she is a strong advocate for women’s empowerment.  Both are responsible for launching Allegheny Alerts, a personalized way to receive community info, especially during the rise of COVID-19.  Thanks to the duo, we may even see a parade on the horizon.

37:10 Tony Fratto:

McKees Rocks native Tony Fratto boasts how working hard, with a bit of luck, can get Pittsburgh to the White House.  Serving as both the White House Deputy Press Secretary and Assistant Secretary of the Department of Treasury , Tony recalls his local politic days with big ‘burgh names. More convos include the fave Pittsburgh hangout in D.C., George W. Bush’s pro baseball talents and Hamilton Place Strategies.

1:07 Justin Wade:

Justin from the Justin Wade Band debuted his latest single, “T-shirt” with yet another positive inspiration from his wife. Pandemic-coping includes reaching for whatever is edible, while making lemonade out of lemons by cranking out tunes. Thankful for Facebook lives and virtual tip jars, Justin has a new music opp with the head honchos of YaJagoff… find out the news here!

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