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A Burglar With A Name? Easy Police Work


Welp… it doesn’t get much easier than this for the po-po!  It didn’t take them long to figure out who ALLEGEDLY burglarized a Latrobe (is it LA-trobe or LAY-trobe by the way?) cab business.  See full story in Trib here.

Good ol’ Josuha Lee Jording used to work there and, for some reason, when he worked there, he never really noticed that the company had security cameras.  Oh wait… he’s also not smart enough to realize that this is 2015 and pretty much anything has a security camera aimed at it including the cat’s litter pan (waiting for something good to happen and post on YouTube and go viral.)

The bestest part is, Joshua Lee “the burglar” disguised himself as “Joushua the cab employee”  by wearing his work shirt WITH HIS NAME ON IT for the ALLEGED burglary.

(laughing at this… not a hearty pee-trickle kind of laugh…more like Thank-Gawd-There-Are-Dumb-A$$es-Like-This-So-That-I-Can-Write-A-Blog laugh)

Well Joshua Lee.. the cool thing is, it looks like your mother wrote the article above given the fact that they called you by your first AND middle name! You know that means business. But me thinks you’re gonna get more than an ear-lobe twist and pull punishment, like your mother might give ya, when you get in front of a judge.  The cool thing is, the judge will already be on a first-name basis with ya, Ya Jagoff!!


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