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Comedian Collin Chamberlin

The John Tesh Radio Show Rant

Driving to work the other day…guy comes on the radio. “Did you know some foods can make you smell. You may be surprised to find out that certain foods can lead to bad breath, body odor and toxic gas.

Really? This is a surprise?

So your telling me if I order the tuna and onion melt with Limburger cheese covered in 3 bean chili, I could smell??   Huh?  And the side of whole garlic cloves isn’t helping either?  Well I’ll be.

This really makes me wonder, though, about the guy saying this. I mean if he’s surprised, how do you think HE smells?  He Rolls into the office, “Hiiii…” “Oh god! What is that Greg! Did you eat a skunks anus for breakfast?”

“It may surprise you……” Seriously what’s next?

“Make sure to tune in for the drive home with Delilah. She’s gonna tell you why chain smoking and binge drinking may not be as good for you as you think.”

Just stick to playing today’s hits while you still have a job until Pandora takes over for you, Ya Jagoff!


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