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25 Years of Hockey Celebration the Old Guy Hockey League

The OGHL Celebrates 25 years

The seeds of the OGHL (Old Guy Hockey League) were sown at a summer picnic on the 4th of July some 25 years ago. After a few beers, and a little coaxing, one of our founding members was convinced to suit up in some street hockey goalie equipment to let people fire pucks at him. That goalie bought in, and it led to a primitive roller hockey game two months later.

It certainly didn’t look much like roller hockey when it started. The goalies wore work boots, and most of the players had skates, bicycle helmets, and street hockey sticks. In fact, most had to remove the brakes from their street-ready roller blades, but no major injuries, so we continued to play.

Six of the 12 original players from that inaugural evening’s game continue to play just about every week, forming the OGHL. Each week players would show up with more and more gear, especially after an injury.

Most of the original members were in their early to late 30’s when we started. Today, ages range from 60ish to the 20 somethings. Guys have come and gone…some never to be heard from again. We introduce new guys to the group as needed, and by referral from a current member.

Skills can’t be too good or too bad.  The most important criteria is being a “good guy.” It’s a formula that works. Today, after 25 years, the OGHL has a dedicated core group of guys. somewhere around 15 and 20 regular members. With no end date end date in mind, the mantra remains as long as we have goalies, we’ll have the OGHL.

From the OGHL “Brass”

  • The desire to learn how to skate was the origin of the Old Guy Hockey League (OGHL) as one of the founding members’ sons had started to play ice hockey.
  • Over the 25 years of the OGHL, games have been played primarily at RMU Island Sports Center.  Other venues that have hosted the OGHL game action include Printscape Arena at Southpointe, Mellon Arena, PPG Paints Arena, UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex as well as outdoor temporary ice rinks at Highmark Stadium and Southside Works.
  • The OGHL has created a unique culture, a happy place of camaraderie and a place for some physical activity. Each player invited to the OGHL had to possess direct contact with a current player: this includes four sets of brothers, friends from high school, co-workers, neighbors and even three father/son combinations who skate.
  • The OGHL has established traditions of early morning skates on Thanksgiving (replacing the Turkey Bowls of years past) and New Year’s Day.
  • In the early years of the OGHL existence, communication of one’s playing status for Sunday morning of “in” or” out,” was done via a telephone chain. We’re thankful to now have email!
  • Non-OGHL member recognition is extended to Dave Hanson of the RMU Island Sports Center for all of his support over the years.

From the Stats Desk – Each Week Is a Pick-up Game of White Jerseys vs. Black Jerseys

DISCLAIMER: Stats are only for the last 3-4 years since the statistician started keeping records on a computer vs. the initial abacus

    • From 2/9/2020 to 9/18/2022 122 Weeks played but only 108 times teams were recorded
    • Most goals both teams 22 goals on 10/04/2020 as Black won 12-10; Mark was winning goalie Pat was the losing goalie; Tom’s algorithm spit out Mike P, Kevin, Jeff L, Tim, Dave P, Tom, Gregg, John C for the winning team and Matt P, Josh, Vince, Jeff P, Rick L, Nick and Mike F for the losing team; Steve was noticeably absent from this score-fest
    • When there is an odd number of skaters the team w/o the sub has a winning record of 17-12-2 against the team w/a sub
    • Longest Win Streak White 9 Weeks from 7/19/20 to 9/20/20
    • Longest Win Streak Black 6 Weeks from 11/7/21 tp 1/09/22
    • Brother Combos Over the Years (6) : Kevin/Brett H, Steve/Dave P., Gregg/Jeff P., Matt/Mike P., Dan/Mike., Chuck/Craig C.
    • Father/Son Combos Over the Years : Kevin/Nick H; John/Collin C; Ed Sr/Ed . M; Len/Steve/Dave P; Dave/Rob P
    • 9/20/1997 First game in OGHL History 11:30 PM at Southpointe
    • 2/9/2020 1st Time Tom kept track of teams
    • Only recorded Shutouts
      • 11/15/2020 Pat
      • 10/3/2021 Eric
    • 8/14/2022 Tom had a hat trick but for the wrong team

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