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Oil and Chip The Roads! WHY???

YaJagoff Oil and Chip Roads

I realize that the only thing I know about being an engineer is the fact that Good and Plenty’s Choo-Choo Charlie was one.  And he’s probably retired by now and probably has dentures from eating those  nasty Good and Plenty candies!  Does anyone still eat that stuff?

The point is, I also realize that there are a lot of much smarter people in the world than me… and they know WHY they do things vs. me, who is someone who has NO IDEA why he does things, but enjoys every minute of it.

Point at hand, as long as I live, I will NEVER understand the concept of “Oil and Chipping” a road.

1) they post signs for a week warning you that their doing this.

2) they do it and suddenly the road surface is full of little “Road Jimmies: that make it SLIPPY!

3) they put some oil down on the stones…. not because the stones are squeaky, but because.. well…. I actually have no idea why.  I just know that I don’t  understand why I see a piles of loose stones laying on the roadway just waiting for me to hit one of them and slide into a pole

The only thing that I know is that, right after oil and chipping, the road is MORE hazardous than BEFORE the oil and chipping, for about 2 weeks until all the brand new pebble-sized gravel IS GONE!  Gone as in embedded into car tires and paint. Gone as in kicked to the side of the road or the center because of the traffic or even WASHED down the road into the sewer after a big rain

What IS the deal with oil and chipping.? I just don’t get it.

Oil and chips sounds like,  Bravo and the old Chi-Chi restaurants combined forces, that this would be something you would get as your  pre-appetizer appetizer.. .”Did you oil and chip Table 23?

I get the idea of when you put down asphalt on the road.. you can see that it’s a better road… well at least for the first two weeks until the gas or electric company come out within 2 weeks and randomly  dig up some manhole covers for no good reason.  Whereas, if you put down oil and chips, it makes the road SLIPPY.

Mr. Guy, or Ms. lady, in charge of the Western Pa road face lifts, can you please explain the sense behind applying oil and chips only to have it all gone, and the same pot holes that were there before, are STILL there?

If we can’t figure this out, can we at least agree to put up more honest signage, like the one below, YaJagoffs?

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  • North Country Brewing


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