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2012 Thank You Notes – Part 3

OK… well, thanks so much for indulging on the “Thank You” posts the last three days.  If you’re new to this blog, we took a couple of days to thank the people that helped get this blog the CBS Blogger Award, 2011 and the Pittsburgh Magazine Best Blogger Award, 2012.

If you’re new, here’s a sample of what we NORMALLY write about… (click the pick to read what we wrote).

We saved this last day of “Thank You” notes to talk about our t-shirt sales.

Proceeds of the T-shirts are given to Breast Cancer Research at Magee Women’s Research Foundation.  By the way, if you want to see more people in our t-shirts, click here to see folks posing in them.  So here’s where we thank those who have helped and continue to help with this endeavor…..

Scott Advertising Specialties – (Facebook Page)

The folks at Scott Advertising are awesome.  They print the shirts for us and do their best to keep the costs low in order to increase the margin for the benefit.  Not only that, they put up with me calling and whining about needing various sizes because I have no idea how to judge the orders.  And when I panic, they DON’T panic!!  Someone give them a call, 412-241-2442 and tell Terri, Scott or Debbie “Thanks” for being great partners with Ya!

Commonwealth Press(@CWPress)

Dan and Dan at Commonwealth Press are CLASSIC classy Pittsburghers.  There they are, nestled in the middle of the Southside.  They don’t know me.  I don’t know them.  But a year ago, they wrote me an email ans offered to sell the “Don’t Be A Jagoff!” t-shirts at there store to help with the benefit.  That’s it…. wanted to help with the fund raising!!!!!!  Just the other week, I recieved a call from them stating that it was time to settle-up.  Because of them, another $200 is going to Magee Womens Research Foundation.  How cool is that?  Please take the initiative to tweet them or LIKE their Facebook page and post something  like, “You guys are awesome for helping to sell the Jagoff t-shirts!”


The bottom line, this blog would be NOTHING without all of the readers and followers, YINZ guys!!!  And it is all of you who have purchased the t-shirts that have helped to raise a little bit of money for breast cancer research.   So, in the nicest way we can say this, THANKS YA JAGOFFS!!!

One last time, thanks again for indulging these “Thank You” posts.  If you missed yesterday’s “Thank You” post, go here.  Wednesday’s “Thank You” post is here.

Next Monday we will post our Top 10 Jagoff posts of 2012 and then it’ll be our Birthday, January 1, 2013 we start our 3rd year of blogging.

If you haven’t caught up on our new Wednesday, “Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff!” video interviews, click the pics to watch them.

And don’t forget about the chance to win a Holiday Party Host Pack from Edgar Snyder Associates.  Click the Edgar and Dog photo below to get details!!!!  You have until midnight tonight to enter the raffle.



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