Hey…..it’s Christmas Eve for a lot of us.  And it’s really the beginning of a week of celebrating with food and alcohol for MANY.

Like, ya know, when you go to your friends house and they just happen to have chips and salsa, that vegetable pizza thingy where you use the cream cheese spread and then, because you’re too BUSY to chop the veggies, you go to Wendy’s and buy a salad full of chopped up veggies to throw on it.  They also have those water chestnuts wrapped in bacon, shrimp cocktail, that meatball recipe where it seems freaky that they used grape jelly but they taste sooooooooooooo good and then there seem to be endless bowls of chips, pretzels and cheese curls……

On top of that,  you sit around talking about (interpreted as solving all of the problems of) the Steelers, Pirates and Penguins, you keep eating “just one more” snack and, of course, you need “just one more” beer, wine or mixed drink to wash down the snacks.

That combo right there leads to morning headaches, horrible next-day gas, acid reflux AND a potential problem with you driving under the influence.

Here’s the deal.  Edgar Snyder Associates has created a package of information on how to avoid the who DUI issue.  They have created a page full of Designated Driver notes, Party Hosting Tips and recipes for non-alcoholic cocktails.. MOCKTAILS!

Three things….

You can download your very own Edgar Snyder Associates Party Host Kit HERE

You can take the Edgar Snyder Associates “Holiday Safe and Sober Pledge” HERE.

You can WIN a cool kit from them that has awesome chocolates, drink markers, plastic champagne glasses and one of those SNAPPY t-shirts like our dog is wearing in the pic above!!!!  Just click on this link, find the VERY FIRST “Infographic” listed on the page and then, IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW, tell us the name or subject of the very first infographic.  All those with the correct answer posted BEFORE 00:01 on December 28, 2012 will have their name placed into one of our stinky, sweaty Penguins ball caps and be eligible to win their VERY OWN party kit (including the awesome chocolates.)

In the meantime, DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE, YA JAGOFFS!!!!!! ( And we mean that in a loving manner.)


OK….. have a GREAT CHRISTMAS!!! 

We have some unique blog posts prepared for you this Holiday Week!

(We’re actually going to be NICE and say thanks to a few folks.)

Don’t FORGET to answer the question in the comments below.

We did not receive financial remuneration for this post.  Edgar Snyder Associates DID, however, provide us with one of the kits including the chocolates and the t-shrit!!




  1. Hosting a safe holiday get together- what a GREAT idea.We want to be able to hear from all of yinz in the coming months and years, so PUH-LEEZE don’t drink and drive. Life is so short to begin with and the rewards so wonderful, WHY RISK IT? Merry Chriatmas to all!

  2. Party hosting and alcohol content….mmm. Yes you are responsible when they leave. Keep a responsible adult near the alcohol also so the under 21’s can’t sneak it on the sly…please don’t drink and drive.

  3. Ok… we did that thing of printing out the names of those who commented and put those names into our stinky, sweaty old Peguins ball cap and the winner of the Edgar Snyder Party Host Pack is………………….Ryan Butscher!!!!!!!!!!!! Email us at yajagoff@comcast.net with your mailing address and we will let the folks at Edgar Snyder Associates where to send the prize. Thanks all!!! Happy and safe New Year.

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