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Junior Football Jagoff Parents


It’s a PROUD moment for Western Pennsylvania kids’ sports!!

Threats against a local junior football league continually increased in violence causing the cancellation of the 2015 season.

Officials, coaches and referees of the Mount Pleasant Area Junior Football league were targeted in the threats. Tuesday ammunition shells were placed at the Hurst field gate with the names of the league officers printed with permanent marker.

Full Story on (This also made the national website DeadSpin)

So, you say, maybe it is just some goofy teenagers doing this for a sick prank?

Nope….check this note out ALSO from the WTAE story.

Parents of football players and cheerleaders tell WTAE there were parents fist fighting at a game a few weeks ago.

Hey parents, the select few a-holes responsible for this, nice work preparing your kids on how to handle themselves on the football field AND in life!

Kids without football?  No biggy.  Odds are they weren’t going to make any money in the future from football anyway.  I have no doubt, with your parenting skills, that you’ll do great things with their newly found downtime!  Like….teaching them REAL-LIFE ways to make money in the future like …pole dancing, pimping, and bully and teenage beer-drinking street corner betting scams.

Fighting at a kids’ football game…..for gawd sakes.. if you’re gonna teach your kids how to fight, at least teach them to fight over something worthy…. like the last available wall plug for a smart phone at the airport gate, Ya Jagoffs!