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Random Prize Day! Another Pittsburgh’s Bestest!!!



Well…… what can I say!!  I’m honored!

And the cool thing is, if it wasn’t for yinz guys reading my silly little blog, watching the videos and sharing them… well, I’d still be picking my nose and eating cheese curls every night or even worse, writing stalking letters to Jodie Foster, as opposed to staying up to 2am every night writing snarky blog posts!

So, no snarkiness today.  Just a bunch of blushing and warm feelings inside (no, I didn’t pee my pants…as far as I know).

Just wanted to say THANKS to Pittsburgh Magazine and all of you for reading my stuff!  You can see all of the 60 Favorite Things and the Readers Poll winners here.

Oh shoot.. the music is starting to play me off… um.. I’d like to thank my mom, dad, God, my kids.. um, my producer.. shoot… I don’t have one of those… um… thanks to…um.. I know I’m forgetting someone .. um… Good night.. and THANKS!



I found a bunch of my old First Communion Cards in a box.  They still had money in them so I bought some gift cards to earn more Giant Eagle Fuel Perks and have randomly selected names of followers to which to give them.  If you’re name is listed below, email us at YaJagoff (at) comcast (dot) net, subject line PRIZE with your mailing address!  We will mail you a random gift card!

From Twitter




From Google +

Joby Franczek

Aliza Balcer

From Facebook

Mary Fran Coulter

Kenneth Wolfe

Long Suffering Campbell

Pamela Wimer Weise

From Instagram






And the Winners Are….



This week we ran a couple of contests and here are the winners.

As in all contests, all entrants names are put into a nasty, stinky, Pens Stanley Cup Champs hat (circa 2009), shuffled around and randomly selected and here are this week’s results:


The winner of the Chachi Plays contest is

A. Broderick

He will be taking a one-hour gaming slot at the Toonseum fundraiser next weekend.

For more info on the Chachi Plays event and how to donate/participate click here.

Email us a YaJagoff At Comcast.Net for details.


The winner of the “Hang Out With the Pros” contest is

John Rogers

For more info on the Hang Out event and how to donate/participate go to

Two comp tickets will be left at the door for you.


And, because all is good with the world, here is a random winner of a blog t-shirt.

Entry was selected from LIKES, SHARES and RETWEETS from the week.

Bradley Hall

Email us a YaJagoff At Comcast.Net with your size and mailing address.

Thanks to all for your support!

Thanks To All Of You – The Readers!


We’re 4!!!  And the good news we STILL act our age!

Tomorrow, the anniversary of the 2011 NHL Winter Classic in Pittsburgh, is also the anniversary of this blog.  Mother Nature, who chose to let it be warm and rain on the game between the Penguins and Capitals was our first Jagoff post!


Hey Mother Nature,

It’s time for the Winter Classic – ya know, kind of a ”Chamber of Commerce  Moment.”

It’s s’posed to be SNOWING not raining, YA JAGOFF!!!

This year we added the Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff video episodes to the blog.  The short interviews of interesting  Pittsburghers get posted every Wednesday.  The very first episode, with TC everyone’s favorite beer vendor, is below.

If you haven’t seen all of the “Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff!” video interviews of Pittsburgh personalities, click HERE to get to the Ya Jagoff YouTube Channel!

It’s been fun doing this and it wouldn’t be fun if it wasn’t for all of you.  Thanks so much to all of you who read this silly stuff and a special thanks to those of you who SHARE it with others.  If you have one resolution, maybe it could be to invite 1 more new friend or family member to the blog?  That is, if you’re not proposing to lose weight, save more money or stop smoking.

Thanks and Happy New Year, Ya Jagoffs!!!!  (Meant that with love!)