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Introducing The Ya Jagoff Weekly Charitable Share-It-able  

YaJagoff Podcast

There are 3,187 nonprofit organizations in the Pittsburgh region or about 11.1 nonprofits for every 10,000 residents.  Wut?!  It is more than double for all of Western Pennsylvania.  So that got us thinking about how jagoffs can help since it is the season of giving.  So, ‘Ja Give yet, Ya Jagoff? 

There is no way we can learn about and attempt to patron each one, I mean that is 79 non-profit mentions a day.  Seriously people, we would have no time to complain about any jagoffs, but then that makes us jagoffs!  But realistically, 79 mentions at 2-3 minutes each equals 237 minutes or almost four hours a day. It may be overload.  Yikes, way too much thinking. I even took a writing break from the math overload. 

So, to simplify, once a week, every week before Christmas, we will highlight, spotlight, educate, and urge you to donate to some of the less-known charities and non-profits.  Instead of ‘Jaggin Around With’ videos, we will be having Charitable ShareITables, encouraging you to share the video to create awareness for the non-profit.  Plus, if you are looking to give back during the season of giving, there are seven weeks of chances to help a local charity. 

So, stay tuned to Ya Jagoff for ways to give during the most wonderful time of the year.  Then we will ask, ‘Ja Give Yet, Ya Jagoff?! 

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