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Driving Jagoffs

If You’re This Driver….Well…..You’re a Jagoff!

Some folks have asked if we have a Jag-copter. We don’t! But we sure do have some awesome Jagoff Catchers with great views.

Look at this swanky SUV.  Just in case your eye didn’t catch it, we used the Jagoff-estrator to highlight the Jagoffery.

Your options in this situation as the driver of the SUV:

a)    Pull out of the garage to the sidewalk edge and wait your turn (and catch a few googly you-almost-hit-me                          eyeballs)

b)    Turn right coming out of the garage because downtown Pittsburgh isn’t THAT big that you’d be going out of                    your way by taking an extra block. (Otherwise interpreted as “being considerate”)

c)    Pull across the street and block 2 of the 4 lanes AND look into the ears of the bus riders. (And get posted here)

WAIT.. maybe that’s part of the problem!!  Maybe the snooty SUV driver was in some kind of time machine, at a time in the future, read this blog post, didn’t know the answer to the question and said, “C…. C is ALWAYS the default answer.

NOPE!  Just someone loaded with self-importance.

Hey Perpendicular Pete… are you ALSO one of those people that drives diagonal through the grocery store parking lot to shave .003322281283219 seconds off of your parking lot driving time?  Get out-da-way, Ya Jagoff!!!!

Thanks to ncrivaro on Instagram for being today’s Jagoff Catcher!

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