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You Down with NCB?  Yah You Know Me!

September 22, 2020

John and Rachael pack a cooler and head North for Slippery Rock to visit an entire gang of beer aficionados at North Country Brewing. Pouring the details about NCB was the founder, head brewer, and even the aquaponics expert, not to mention Melinda Colaizzi and the Night Sky, whose faces are rockin’ some product. Plus, the gals from Autism Speaks make the trek from the Burgh to spread the word about their fundraising gala.

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5:00 Jon Barnes Head Brewer, Marena Toth Head of Aquaponics Dept and Bob McCafferty Founder

North Country Brewing peeps Jon, Marena, and Bob join forces to explain their unique beer selection like the one time they featured a taco beer, to their philanthropic opportunities that somehow involve fish waste. From its most popular brews, aquaponics, and connecting to the community, they have it down to a science, quite literally. Did we mention they have their own North Country Brewing Cannery?!

23:23 Jondavid Longo

Mayor of Slippery Rock JD Longo and Slippery Rock Borough Councilman Denton Zeronas rep the Fountain of Youth that must reside in Slippery Rock.  They share their thoughts on growing the community beyond the university, and a good start is with the very first community Octoberfest on Oct. 3. Listen how Mayor Longo is shaping the Rock as the youngest mayor in its history and how the area got its name right here!

39:27 Laura McCurdy and Amy Logston

Autism Speaks gals of giving, Laura and Amy, discuss the need for awareness and the resources provided by the organization. The big reveal for the non-profit was news of the annual 2020 Chefs Create Pittsburgh gala on Nov. 21 at 7 p.m. With a delivered basket of ingredients and a secret link, this live-streamed event will help create awareness just in time for Thanksgiving—which could be an Italian meal this year if you follow the prep provided.  Grab your tickets here to experience a reimagined culinary experience.

57:26 Melinda and the Night Sky

Melinda & The Night Sky explain the importance of the harmonica, the need for live music’s return, and how buying a house in Pittsburgh is easier than in LA.  Three members of the band discuss their partnership with North Country Brewing in one of its latest can releases named after the band, and you won’t want to miss this Helles bock-style lager. Buy the beer and support local music and performers thanks to NCB proceeds.

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