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#YaJagoffPodcast: The Porch Tour 2022 Final Celebration!

September 27, 2022


The final porch tour celebrates with Greek heritage inspo on Maria and Michael Dudek’s porch of family-owned Liokareas Olive Oil, along with Christina Dickerson of Dickerson Creative, Elyse Levkulich, AKA Burghnosh, singer/songwriter Brad Wagner and winners of the porch tour Tracy and Gary Heyl, thanks to Zachary’s Mission!





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Porch days are ending, what room in your house can we find you now? 


14:48 Christina Dickerson and Elyse Levkulich


 Christina Dickerson and Elyse Levkulich bring the book of tastes, Seasoned and Savory Cookbook: A Collection of Recipes to Benefit Women’s Health Research, accompanied by their favorite uses for Liokareas, all of which are available on the Liokareas Greek Olive Oil website. These collaborating ladies suggest coffee and oil and wonder if you have ever tried olive oil and ice cream?? Stay tuned for Friday’s launch with Millie’s Ice Cream; there’s a sweet surprise so listen here! 

17:10 Michael and Maria Dudek

Power couple duo Michael and Maria Dudek share the secrets of Liokareas Olive Oil, from how the family business began, how they have expanded since beginning in 2015, and what they hope the future looks like with international competitions and national sales. The menu for the porch tour winners included Greek lasagna, hummus, pastries and more all using their exquisite oil. What determines great olive oil? Between harvest dates, single estates and more, listen here or just join their annual harvest trip to Greece even! 

37:10 Brad Wagner

Pittsburgh native Brad Wagner tells us how he recently made music his full-time job after years of working the postal service. Following his passion, some inspiration for his sound comes from Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen. He croons about his drunk uncle and gals who had a bit too much, but all sing along songs at local watering holes. Listen to where he’ll most likely be, and hear about his heartfelt ode to being a grandfather. Bar Fly Music

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