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YaJagoff Pittsburgh Podcast Collage of guests

#YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoffPodcast/ Special Convo at the Crafthouse

March 30, 2021


 The jags hosted lotsa talent in one house, the Crafthouse. They welcomed KOZ to the sought-after stage, while Police Chief Scott Schubert shared his vibes from each neighborhood he walkedand Hal B. Klein had pizza on the mind.  Thanks to Charlie from Crafthouse Stage & Grill for the hospitalityso we left behind some Brookie Boxes. 

Music: Koz, Roger’s Street via Fuzion Entertainment Pittsburgh 



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Pittsburgh Podcast Rohrich Honda

Question of the Day:

What type of restaurant requester are you? I will have the…OR I’ll do the…. 

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4:17    Charlie:

With Covid convos behind, majority owner of the destination station discusses his safe way of bringing back good times with music, good food and a positive attitude.  With six years of bar biz under his belt, expect some unique lingo with staff, as well as service in the bowling alley if requested. Yep, bowling, axe throwing, music, food, but no hotel….John asked.  


14:09    Hal B. Klein:

Although a ‘Burgher at heart, since he has claimed residency for over a decade, Hal B. can still rattle off must-have pizza stops close to his hometown near QueensBut he can do so in just about every neighborhood in Pittsburgh also. A good pizza formula isn’t his only excitement, keep a look out for his best restaurants piece coming to Pittsburgh Magazine 

29:35     Sheani Smith:

Kings had Frowniesand Eat N’ Park mastered the Smiley cookie, but Ross Township’s Sheani Smith sweetens the cookie crop with a perfectly-decorated box full of sweets.  Simply fill out the order form and prepare for the delivery for any occasion.  Thank goodness it is Tuesdee! 

38:15    Pittsburgh Police Chief Scott Schubert: 

25-year veteran of the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Policethe Chief epitomizes talking the talk and walking the walk, literally, since he has walked all 90 Pittsburgh neighborhoods.  This exercise helped him learn about each community’s pro and con, and how to make Pittsburgh better with the help of each.  His pride is obvious, and he doesn’t mind being affiliated with jagoffs. 

54:02    Koz:

 Not such a long story, just a long name behind the shortened name.  With a little country and folk to his sound and writing, Matt Koz appreciates some Pittsburgh old school sounds and may share in Rachael’s obsession for Pete Hewlett.   Thanks Fuzion Entertainment.


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