Pens Lose?????


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We dropped a @$#@, %$%#, ^(@*! !#!*!@#!!$#@A@#$@!!@I))*%! @!#@)(**#&^ three to nothing lead to the Blue Jackets???????

By the way, it’s not all Fleury’s fault!  Someone learn how to play @, %$%#, ^(@*! !#!*!@#!!$#@A@#$@!!@I))*%! @!#@)(**#&^ defense, PLEASE!


Jagoff T-shirt Officer James Kuzak Fundraiser


This weekend, headed to this event to sell t-shirts to benefit Officer James Kuzak.


Unfamiliar with Officer Kuzak’s story about being shot in the line of duty?

See video.

If you can’t make it to the event, click THIS LINK to donate.


For the production!

Special thanks to Bubba’s Gourmet Burgers for hosting us!


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The in-Home Toilet Paper Jags




(How about that decor-matching Iggle garbage liner?)

So the last one here new to take the cardboard roll off of the toilet paper holder but left not one  square for the next guy…. ME!

Who ever did this, are you the same person that stuffs 2,981 lbs of garbage into the kitchen trash can so that you don’t have to pull the bag out, tie it and put in a new one, Ya Jagoff?