A Couple of Days at Penguins Adult Development Camp


This past weekend the Penguins held a 2-day hockey development camp for adult hockey players at the Consol Energy Center.   Actually, in MY case, this was actually a RE-development hockey skills camp. RE-development as in urban redevelopment projects that completely destroy the original by blowing it up and then starting to build new from scratch.  This, due to my lack of any redeeming hockey skills… I’m kind of like the neighborhood crack-house of hockey skills… just an eyesore.

About 30 men and women attended the two evening event.  All skill levels were represented.. from beginner to skilled.. including my just-go-back-and-play-some-driveway-hockey-with-your-Shooter-Tutor-for-the-next-27-years skills.

Day 1:

45- minute Hockey Talk with Phil Bourque which included his candid review and full details of the one of the most iintriguingPittsburgh Urban Legends other than “Did a B-25 bomber REALLY land in the Monongahela River in 1956?”  Yes, be broke the cup by throwing it into Mario’s pool… in the deep end and it INSTANTLY filled with water and sank to the bottom of the deep end.

90-minutes of hockey skills drills including an obstacle course of belly-sliding, knee-sliding, getting back up and then proceeding to pick up a puck, stick-handle it around 3 pylons and then, if you had any energy left whatsoever, you were permitted to take a shot on a goalie.

90-minute game of hockey poker, black shirts vs white shirts… 4 -on-4..full ice which was quickly followed by beverages at the Blue Line Grill.

Day 2

45-minute Hockey Talk with former Penguins tough-guy defense guy, Dennis Owchar who give us tips on checking, poke-checking vs. hitting a guy, and a rounded off tally as to how many bones, (most notably collar bones)  of opposing players that he broke over his career and, his opinion that, Darius Kasparitis was the “crazier” of the 2 if compared

90-minutes of passing/stick-handling which I should have sat in the stand eating popcorn.

90-minutes of a 4-on-4 of another black vs. white shirt scrimmage full ice which was quickly followed by beverages at the Blue Line Grill


The good news is, no Automated External Defibrillator or EMS staff nor orthopedic surgeons had to be utilized.  The bad news is, each of the two mornings following the camp, I was fairly certain that I had woken up with rigor mortis.  My man Georgey D. recovered inside his locker.

yj-ReDev_George (280 x 373)

No other pics.. had to be careful about legal paperwork, etc, etc, etc.  However, if you have any interest in hockey and have a couple of nickles to gather yourself some equipment before this time next year, I recommend.. no wait….encourage you to get in on this when it comes up again.

In all seriousness, the Pens, namely Mark Shuttleworth, Pen’s Director of Youth Hockey Programs, did a fantastic job with this event.  I’m thankful for them holding it, thankful to Dennis and the Ol’ 29’er (and their assistants) for the time they put into this and also thankful that nobody posted any of my lack-of-skills vids on YouTube as far as I know.  If interested in this next year, get on the mailing list by sending an intro email to : mshuttleworth (at) pittsburghpenguins (dot) com.  And one final thing, I’m VERY, VERY thankful, that Dennis Owchar didn’t break MY collarbone!  But if he would have, I would have selfied EVERYONE with the story!

‘Let’s Go Pens!”


Pick A Lane Jagoff!!!

This was the tweet with the above photo:

This was on Rt 65-N this morning in rush-hour traffic. Was in the right lane for a while then decided to switch lanes (neither lane was moving as there was a red light). Sat straddling the lanes for 5 mins until the light turned green and  left no room for anyone to pass him.

Who hasn’t seen this?  The driver, in a big hurry, just has to switch lanes RIGHT NOW and block everyone else from moving forward up either lane.  Sometimes you even see this on the Fort Pitt Bridge heading outbound or just before the Squirrel Hill tunnel entrance outbound.

This is exactly why this blog was created… to call out the people, like this driver, that are full of self-importance, without regard to other Pittsburghers.

Hey Range-Rover-Grover, yep, we see your fancy car.  And we’re pretty sure that you have to get ahead of everyone because you have something pressing at a very swanky office where everyone knows you’re the boss and you’re important.  BUT.. in traffic, we all put our driving gloves (and our pants) on the same way. There’s no class war between right and left lanes of traffic.

Did anyone ever teach you the art of driving in traffic, activating your turn signal, looking for a spot in your side view mirror and gradually sliding over into the next lane? Ahhh who needs skill and courtesy when you’re driving anyway?

We’re taking a WILD GUESS and presuming that you’re the same person that walks through the mall, yakking on the cell phone, and suddenly stops DEAD in front of a line of people because you’re making a point in your conversation..you know.. when it looks like a bad Bunny-Hop Line Dance accident!

The rest of us would like to get to where we’re going too so, unless you’re part of the Steelers Offensive Line and you’re PAID to block up all of the lanes, pick a lane Ya Jagoff!


Thanks to Twitter Follower @syntaxxerrorrr for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher today.

That Little Engine That Just Gave Up


Location: McIntyre Square (Pittsburgh North Hills)

Is this a car that just ran out of gas or broke down?  There’s now t-shirt or rag hanging from the window and no note.

Is this a bad night of drinking turned in to a “Where in the hell did I leave my car?” scenario?

Is it someone who failed the concept of “parallel” in geometry or someone who ALMOST mastered the concept of perpendicular?

My thought?

This is one of those older guys who drove “The Mrs.” to the mall to get a few things and chose to sit in the car vs. going into the store and sleeping on a chair. However, “The Mrs.” ran a little too long so he had to go head in and take his hourly pee.

I dunno.  What are YOUR thoughts on what this is?  (Comment Below and be sure to end it with…..YA JAGOFF!)


Thanks to Ryan B from Facebook for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher today!