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#YaJagoffPodcast: Life is ‘Boat’ a Dream at Riverlife

May 24, 2022


The sister bridges at Allegheny Landing provided the perfect view for listening and for a lineup of 412 star-studded guests. Gavin White from Riverlife explains how to keep the rivers and riverfronts safe, accessible and fun…check aht the activities and events this summer. Josh Axelrod, entertainment journalist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, gets to interview some TV royalty and gives some PGH royalty fun facts. Sue Kerr, of the Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents, has a BIG announcement happening in June, and Chad Sipes brings soft vocals as he performs one of his new songs called “Pharmacy.”





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3:28    Gavin White

Director of planning and projects at Riverlife, Gavin White flows history, sustainability and future hopes for the Pittsburgh three rivers. Riverlife is a nonprofit that has been around since 1999 with its main goal to create, activate, and celebrate Pittsburgh’s riverfronts. He gives kudos to its many partners including the city of Pittsburgh for bringing awareness to our waterways.

15:08    Josh Axelrod

Josh is an entertainment journalist at Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and may be the best person for introducing other podcast guests yet! He covers everything entertainment with a touch of powerful opinions. On the jag docket is This Is Us chatter, and he may have seen the finale in advance! He also has the low down on a tv show filming in the Burgh this summer and recommends everyone watch “Cha Cha Real Smooth,” debuting in June.

32:08     Sue Kerr

Sue is the founder of Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents, an award-winning blog that has been around since 2005, talking about all things LGBTQA+. Recently, she won her second GLAAD award for outstanding blog, AND she is the first living person to win it, twice! Her favorite part about winning these awards is that she can raise more awareness for the LGBTQ+ community while growing and creating her own media company. She hangs her Fetterman Pride flag high, and she closes out with her homerun announcement, too!

48:40    Chad Sipes

Chad Sipes of The Chad Sipes Stereo is a power pop and grunge band with meaningful lyrics and more. Chad performs the second song on his new album that came out a few weeks ago called “Pharmacy.” The newest album is about the opioid epidemic and each song goes together like a musical. Hear the soft tunes and impactful imagery with harmony here!

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