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Too Close for Comfort Jagoff

I judge space necessity for purchasing a vehicle with the ol hockey challenge.  If I can fit four hockey sticks and two stuffed bags, along with three teenage kids comfortably, then my husband and I are in.  My park near me test is also non-conventional.

If I am walking toward my car after grocery shopping and I see that a “V” has been created thanks to the car that pulled in next to me, I am tipped off that things are not looking good. When I can’t open my grocery getter door because said car is too close, I am a little more heated. Then I refer to Shakira, my hips don’t lie, in fact they are my test. If I can’t walk between the two cars, you too close my friend.

My hips didn’t lie here, I mean I am “more than average” width in the hip area but nothing overly drastic, and that was a no can do, so this car was too close for comfort. Next time, park the car, get your Shakira on, and see if you should remain parked so close, ya jagoff!

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