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YaJagoff Podcast Demolition Derby

#YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoffPodcast: Doin’ the Derby Part Deux for 2022

April 12, 2022


The jags hit the Mercer dirt for the annual Derby Expo hosted by Smith Metal Works. They get down and derby with Jake, a protégé in the derby world, and the first professional demolition derby driver from Garfield, TY McClellend. Crash, Burn and Love documentary producer and novelist, Bill Lowenburg shows history and passion for the sport while the Most Wanted Fine Art renowned artist Jason Sauer paints a portrait of the derby world. Spring Valley Golf and Lodge owner, Bob Mills, crashes in on the fun while Casey Smith, expo creator, tag teams with Josh Decker from Track Shot Live. Russ Saylor provides the smooth riding tunes.  

Music: Russ Saylor 




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3:33 Jake and TY McClellend

Jake takes the wheel on the derby conversations with professional driving and techniques to win the game. The back of the car is the business end, and the front end is the party when driving! Plus, the first professional demolition derby driver, TY McClellend, from Garfield is part of the Crash Burn Love documentary and he is only gearing up for his second derby. His advice? Go along for the ride. 

15:20 Bill Lowenburg and Jason Sauer

 Producer of Crash Burn Love, Bill Lowenburg helps navigate the derby story behind the scenes, has the first documentary photo book on the sport, as well as a look into the derby culture’s future. Renowned artist, Jason Sauer of Most Wanted Fine Art, talks spray paint, derby promotion and insights into inspirations behind his art, including small town tributes. 

33:33 Bob Mills

 Bob Millls, owner of Spring Valley Golf and Lodge talks about building his golf empire from the sand pits to the ground up in Mercer with his family since 1991. The golf course and resort offer customers great value on golfing, stay and play golf packages, including great food from the Hell’s Hollow Bar and Grill 

42:24 Casey Smith and Josh Decker

 Casey Smith of Smith Metal Works, and creator of the Derby Expo, talks about the skilled tradespeople while showcasing the best of the best in demolition derby. Josh Decker, Track Shot Live live streams derby competitions and masters quick trivia with no sweat while welcoming anyone with open arms to the derby community…especially John! 

58:22 Russ Saylor

New Castle native and singer-songwriter Russ Saylor loves his tunes from the 50s through 80s and has shared the stage with Jan & Dean, Frankie Avalon, Lou Christie and many more. Plus, he dreams of having his own hippie bus and is working on a 72’ Volkswagen bus currently. His writing style and song pays tribute to Buddy Holly throughout the podcast.  

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