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YaJagoff Podcast Astrobotic Guest List

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#YaJagoffPodcast: Lunar Listening with YaJagoff

June 22, 2021

Moon-bound, but first, a pitstop from the Northside-based Astrobotic to chat lunar logistics and accessible space missions with senior marketing communications specialist, Alivia Chapla.  Moon capsule comrade and technology guru, Ryan O’Shea of the Future Grind, also added moon tech talk. Plus, founder of Enlightened Transitions, Jen L’Insalata, stops by mission control with life coaching guidance and apothecary goods, while Jeremy and Angie from Discover the Burgh blast off new and hidden treasures around the Pittsburgh region.

Music: Shane Masters 



Summer 2021 is driving people to events and happenings, and Rohrich Honda is part of that drive.  From parking lot shows hosting comedy acts, to a collab with Mancini’s, Rohrich knows the importance of community fun.  Congratulate them on a record month in May and browse their inventory in Bloomfield.  As always visit for all of your vehicle needs.

Pittsburgh Podcast Rohrich Honda

Question of the Day:

Best piece of advice you have ever received that you apply today?

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Noisy Subarus   

Pups on Laps

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4:22    Alivia Chapla

Senior marketing communications specialist of Astrobotic,  Alivia Chapla inspires the jagoffs with big visions of the first commercial mission to the Moon, the first American spacecraft to soft land since the Apollo program. Bagel shop conversations sparking a full-scale aerospace company in Pittsburgh, lunar logistics, accessible space missions, the Moonshot Space Museum, community collabs, and Alivia’s bus transport metaphor that helps it all make sense.

25:16    Ryan O’Shea

Ryan O’Shea, founder and host of the Future Grind, talks the     reemergence of Pittsburgh for young adults, and the impactful, economic development in science and technology for our region. He spotlights his consulting, podcasting, and speaking while getting the jagoffs aboard the rover to partake in a cosmic journey straight to the moon, quite literally! As in listen to the YaJagoff pod on the moon.

41:51    Jen L’Insalata

Jen L’Insalata, founder of Enlightened Transitions, talks about the essence of life and career coaching, as the perfect non-linear example of how life leads many people in difference directions. She provides mental health help and creates avenues of practical and tangible ways of how to be the best version of yourself. Plus, the first consult is FREE!

58:33    Jeremy and Angie

Biking, dining, and more, Jeremy and Angie from Discover the Burgh boomerang back onto the podcast to talk about the new and exciting Earth missions of their own in the Burgh. Hitting on over 1,000 things to do in Southwest PA, they are still venturing forward visiting new hotspots like gi-jin, breweries, famer’s market faves, and gorgeous views on trails just outside of Pittsburgh. What about the cocktail to go getting to stay? Is there a best?

Song: Meant to Be (Shane Masters)   

Meant To Be” was written over 20 years ago, I had met and started dating what would become my wife. She had such a huge impact on me. I didn’t use the song to propose like you would think I should as a matter of fact, she didn’t even know I could sing or play music for the first part of our relationship. I guess that’s why I was attracted to her in the first place, she didn’t care about the superficial. Up to that point most females that showed interest in me did so because of my singing voice. I guess I knew she was different!

Then out came the song probably like 2 or 3 months of dating.

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