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Dog on Driver Lap.. Jagoff or Not

YaJagoff Blog Dog on Drivers Lap

This is something we see frequently.  A dog sitting on the driver’s lap as the car is driving down the road. In the nice weather, the dog might even have its nose out the window lapping up some wind.

Seems dangerous. Seems crazy. Have you ever seen when a dog gets a sudden itch in its ear?  Ever see a dog when it sees another dog or, in some cases, a rabbit or squirrel?  Have you ever seen a fast an unbelted pizza goes on to your car floor from your front seat when you slam on your breaks?

Sure it seems fun to see how well your dog car surfs with your driving  But…you can’t have a child on your lap. You can’t have a phone in your hand (in most places) and, in our case, you can’t have a laptop on your lap doing work at stoplights but it’s actually not illegal to drive around with a dog on your lap.

Seems confusing so we’re asking you.  Is a driver with a dog on their lap a jagoff?


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