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YaJagoff Podcast Episodes

YaJagoff Podcast, Episode #1 – Please Listen


We did it!  We recorded our first YaJagoff Podcast.  If you’re not sure what a podcast is or what to do—> see down below on the sound wave looking thing.  Click on the arrow to PLAY and then listen while you’re working out, doing work, driving or eating or….If you do click the play button, here is what you’ll hear:

Episode 1
Recorded live at Steel City Studios, Fifth Avenue Place.
Light-up Night, 2015 was the perfect place to record our first podcast episode. Tons of people having a great time. And there we were, tripping and elbowing people in the crowd, coercing them to talk to us.


Here’s the line-up:

Episode Music: Bastard Bearded Irishmen, “Bartender’s Friend”

On-site Production: Jim Amato and Mike Sorg (Sorgatron Media)

00:41 Opening, John and Craig
02:33 Angry Elf-on-the-Shelf about his life as a Christmas decoration
06:07 Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto
12:41 Craig’s sons, Jack, Ryan and Cole tell us if Craig swears when he’s assembling Christmas presents
15:47 Robert Miles of the Allegheny Inn, tells us about his days as a Kaufman’s window decorator
20:15 Gary Harbaugh, “Jay Leno” look-a-like
23:35 Photographers, Dave DiCello and Jason Furda, owners of Steel Studios
29:28 Closing comments (we beg for you to share the podcast and make comments on iTunes)

Photo Credits @thefoodtasters


Podcast5 Podcast4


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