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Winner, winner PIZZA dinner! Who won the PizzaFest prize?

Good Taste Pittsburgh Pizza Fest

Yesterday, the Jagoff Crew went on site to the Good Taste Pittsburgh PizzaFest at Trace Brewing in Bloomfield.  No jagoffs were noted but a winner of our “guess how many pizza boxes are in the Rohrich Honda” contest was chosen.

If you weren’t there, you missed a pretty awesome time celebrating pizza.  Attendees had the chance to taste pizza from 6 of Pittsburgh’s artisan pizza places:

After/before tasting the pizza, guests had a chance to peek into a ’23 Rohrich Honda Pilot that was packed with pizza boxes and, to make it more difficult, a bunch of random balloons. After circling the vehicle, pressing their hands and noses up against the glass, and some even using their smart phone as calculators, they jotted down their guesses.

So how many pizza boxes were packed into the Pilot? 122!

The closest guess, WITHOUT GOING OVER, was submitted by Mason Pereira, 121. Congrats Mason!

You win the prize of pizza things created by the folks at Good Taste Pittsburgh… YaJagoff!! Of course that is used in the “term of endearment” manner!!

Thanks all that participated.

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