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Wide Load in Rush Hour

Jagoff Blog Post, Pittsburgh

Can anything be more of a patience test than sitting in morning traffic?  You expect to sit in traffic behind someone putting on makeup with the review mirror, a driver plucking their nose hairs or someone staring down at their phone who is not paying attention to the car, in front of them, that has already moved 10 car lengths forward.

But this?  A wide load, with no escort, hanging out in morning traffic!!

Does this wide load have to be somewhere by 10am ?  Can you NOT find a time AFTER rush hour to drive on some of the most crowded rush hour roads?

This is “Traffic SPAM!!!!”

Hey, Mr. Wideload Traffic SPAMMER, whaddaya say you start the morning slowly: go get yourself a doughnut and a coffee, talk about the Pens or Pirates with your flashing-yellow-light-escort-truck buddy, pass around the newspaper in the Dunkin’ Donuts bathroom with the handheld sign-turner guy and then have at it on the roads at about 9:30am, YA JAGOFF!

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