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Who Steals a Dog??

Stolen Dog

Yep, that headline happened.  See article on

The poor guy is out walking his dog and, boom, gets assaulted, allegedly, and the lady takes his dog.  He’s left standing there like the Cinderalla of dog owners.. just holding the leash!  But here’s the dumb criminal part… she had a car and someone, who saw what had happened, took a pic of her license plate. Boom again.. as she is identified and caught!

For gawd sakes, how lazy and dumb are criminals these days?

Cynthia, not sure if you’re planning on living a life of canine capturing but, here are some tips just in case ya do:

  1. Get a getaway car without a license plate or get a getaway bike!
  2. Don’t do the crime in a small town where everyone knows you!
  3. And howzabout just going to the Humane Society and getting your own dog? That way you can hang out with it at home vs. being in the sin bin, YaJagoff!

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