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Where Ya At: We Went Back! Mercer County v2! 

With our parking chairs in place and half a tank of gas, we decided to stroll up I-79 and take a deep dive back into Mercer County. As always, a nagging sweet tooth brought us off the beaten path and a little West to a contemporary kingdom full of sweet, tart, and fried goodies! 

Predating the Civil War, The Apple Castle is a family owned-and-operated farm that has been growing apples for over six generations! John and I were lucky enough to sit down with Farmer Steve (the 6th generation if you were curious.) Get over to New Wilmington soon and check out their market or visit them online at! They even ship across the country!  

Our next stop brought us to West Middlesex where Joe O’Neill was waiting at the front door with two piping cups of freshly roasted and brewed coffee. If you thought The Apple Castle’s smell was infectious? The wisps of java, caramel, and nutty earthy tones were enough to bring you in, wrap you up, and let you take a nap! That’s before the coffee kicked in… Celebrating their 70th anniversary, O’Neill’s Coffee Roasters offers everything from artisan roasts like “Are You NAUGHTY or NICE” and their “Burgh Blend” to house specialties like “Jim’s Signature Roast.” They even sell gourmet flavors like “Bah! Humbug,” ”Butter Cookie,” and “Blueberry Muffin.” So for all the coffee lovers from here to Ohio and back, visit O’Neill Coffee Roasters on 14 Fair Street or check out their website 

However you pronounce it, Volant Mills, located between I-79 and I-80 on Route 208 is your next destination for all your holiday adventures. It’s like taking a walk back in time as the rustic village has changed little since it was built in 1812. The store itself is home to various vendors selling everything under the sun from jewelry to furniture to hot sauces and ketchup! 

Take a peek online or stop in and check out these Amish country merchanteers.  



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