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Where Ya At? Mercer County—Part 4!

In desperation of some last-minute Christmas shopping and this never-ending need to satisfy John’s sweet tooth, the two of us hopped in our cars, whizzed back up I-79 to no other place than Mercer County. It’d be nice if we had some scenic snowstorms to add to the aesthetic, but we are both entirely alright with a 60 degree December! 

First off, we stopped by Lisa’s General Store, a hodge-podge shop made up of over 80 individual vendors with products galore! Offering everything under the sun from furniture, to antiques, to collector’s items and home decor, this is your one-stop shop for everybody scrambling to find that loved one, the one gift they won’t turn their nose up at! Make your way up to 100 Hadley Road in Greenville for anything and everything! 

In need of some retro kitchen equipment your grandmother used to use? Or some cooking lessons so you have something at least edible for your family Christmas? Look no further than Thyme in your Kitchen! Half retail store, half commercial kitchen, this operation acts as both a storefront and a tutorial kitchen! Have an Aunt who burns water? Schedule her for one of Thyme’s signature cooking classes: it’s BYOB, small, hands-on, and very informative! Need any kitchen item? Look no further! They’ve got everything from spiralizers, to 100-quart kettles, to onion cutting goggles! What else do you need? Book your classes or stop in at their location in Sharon to see what all the humbug is about!  


We had to save the best for last, as local legend, Daffin’s Candies was our final venture in Mercer. Before the door even opens, you are enveloped in smells of cocoa, buttercream, and this sweetness that lines your nostrils and brings you to a place far from western Pennsylvania. Originating in 1949, Daffin’s Candies is a staple in its area with locations extending up to Erie and even out to Ohio. My favorite was their almond candy bar which was so velvety and smooth I had to leave before I bought out the store! I decided to leave some for the rest of you. Make sure to check out this family-owned and operated sweet shop online or stop by on your next trip North of the city.    

So, before the Holidays are over, make sure that you make it up North to Mercer County and see everything this quaint, quiet, and scenic place has to offer. We promise it won’t disappoint and we promise we won’t be mad if you grab us something either!  

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