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Where Did They Park?

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I mean… what do we say about this #PeterParkers pic?  Are they smart because they have a swanky car and don’t want anyone to ding their door or are they a jag because they just decided leave their car wherever they wanted?

It’s kinda like the people in your house that always put every item back in the refrigerator back on the top shelf….not matter where it’s supposed to go.

If you DID want to make sure that you parked far away from any other car, why couldn’t you park inside the lines?

Hay there lonely car (did that Lonely Girl song just pop into your head?  You’re welcome!) Hey there lonely car, we appreciate your artistic talent of wanting to be different… like the crazy uncle that wears a Hawaiian shirt or yellow Chuck Taylors to a formal event but….could ya just use color in side the lines a little bit, YaJagoff?

Thanks to Gregg P from the YaJagoff Polka Band for being our HonoraryJagoff Catcher!



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