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When Mom is a Jagoff!

YaJagoff blog Jagoff Post

This is pretty awesome.  It kind of shows that we’re teaching our kids good things.  Take another look at the pic and then read this that came along with the pic.

“I found a jagoff. Unfortunately, it’s my mom…”

Just in case you don’t recognize the person loading the groceries into the car that is PARKED OVER THE LINE… it’s Rachael!  Addie, her daughter is our Honorary Jagoff Catcher!!  Funny to think that Addie had the presence and courage to not help load the groceries.. and to stand back and snap this pic!!!!

Rachael…if ya live in glass houses.. wait.. Rachael, if you have a blog that points out jagoffs… don’t BE one.. YaJagoff!!

Thanks Addie!! This blog is clearly teaching you well!!

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