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Bank Jagoffs


Remember when you were little, and your parents said they would give you until “5” to listen to them?  Then, they didn’t really want to punish you so they would do…. 6…..7…..7 and 1/2, 7 and 3/4……………

Well, it seems we have THAT parent mentality setting speed limits at the PNC Bank in Chippewa, Beaver County!!!!!!!!!!!!  Here’s the message that came with the pic….

Seriously?  I saw a car doing 7 and 3/4… WHERE’S THE JUSTICE???????

Haaaaaaa… seriously?   It’s half of  School Zone speed limit!  Looked on my car speedometer….. no 7 1/2 availble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not sure WHAT to say about this one… ok… never mind.. of COURSE I have something to say about this.  At least the speed limit is still higher than the Christmas Card interest rate!!!

Well, PNC, let it be 7 1/2 mph at the Chippewa office……………………..good sign.. made us laugh…the FUNNIEST thing is that someone actually legitimately MADE this sign for you!!!!  This ain’t none of that Kids-spray-paint-over-the-3-in-35-to-make-drivers-thing-the-speed-limit-is-85 thingies!!!

But while we are talking BANK SIGNS with PNC, we would REALLY appreciate if you could just do away with those signs that say NEXT TELLER  that suddenly go up EVERY LUNCH TIME when……. well…. when I am at the bank on my lunch hour trying to cash a check?  Does the entire staff have to take lunch when I take MY lunch specifally to  make a transaction at the bank, Ya Jagoffs???

Thanks to Facebook Follower Richard Schneeman for the pic and for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher today.


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