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Community Leaders

What Was This Jagoff THINKING!!

My uncle used to have a saying when something was completely off its rocker, “JEEEEEZUZ Kaaaaaaaay RIST!!!!”  It applies here.

A local EMS Professional, husband, father and community leader is arrested for getting some male teens drunk AND having sex with them???????????????????  “JEEEEEZUZ Kaaaaaaaay RIST!!!!” (see story here)

There ain’t anyone reading this that DOESN’T have a story that starts with, “We started drinking and then one thing led to another and……..”  But I would bet VERY FEW end up with THIS particular ending!!  

Dude, what, in yer head, told you that doin’ this was the right thing to do???  I’m sad for your family.  The holiday dinner table is gonna be a little awkard if yer not in jail.  But I’m DAMNED glad they caught ya before I got drunk and passed out at some bar on Route 19 and you had a chance to pick me up in your ambulance and tie me down to one of those stretcher-thingies, YA JAGOFF!!

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