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Driving Jagoffs

What Came First, The Chicken or The Peter Parker?

Looking at the photo above, can you guess who came first?  (HINT: This is easier than that chicken and egg nonsense.)

Just in case we have folks reading this for Jagoff Continuing Education Credits, we will clarify that the correct answer is the black Subaru.  It was driven by one of our followers who is 8 months pregnant. She parked and then enter….. Peter Parker.  (For the Peter Parker explanation, click here.)

Here’s the Tweet that came with the photo:

I parked at Toys R Us with no one on either side of me and came out to find this Peter Parker next to me.

Hey, Peter Parker, first thing is, the yellow lines are SUPPOSED to be helpful at guiding you into the spot.  You missed!

Secondly (is secondly a real word?) Take one look at that picture and you realize that, even if you put WPXI’s tiny little Cara Sapida into some type of industrial strength abdominal binder, even SHE  wouldn’t be able to get in that car!!!

Hey Peter Parker, since it looks like you have no idea how to judge the width of your car, we’re guessing that you’re probably ALSO “That Guy” that we sometimes get behind at one of the downtown parking garage entrances… the guy that has no idea how to judge the width of their car and, therefore, can’t get their car close enough to the ticket machine, as you enter, and has to open their car door and reach around it to get the ticket while 7 cars wait to get in the garage behind you.

While you’re in Toys R Us, you might want to pick up a Big Wheel or  tricycle… something that you might actually be ABLE to drive and park, Ya Jagoff!!!


Thanks to @BCT_KDoerschner for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher for today’s post!


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