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What a drip Jagoff!

Man lied about being a vet for free coffee

Wake up and smell the coffee, ya jagoff, ya don’t walk around the store and sip it…especially if ya haven’t paid for it!

Guilty for grabbing a Tootsie Roll that used to loosely sit at Kuhn’s for any and every candy lover to snag a piece or two.  You were supposed to put dimes into the slot….they weren’t shopping courtesy gifts.  My mom would realize I had a few and stuff a dollar in the box on the regular.

But my man Joe, not his REAL name but he needed a cup of  it that badly, was just meandering through the Sheetz dining room with his cup. Police noticed and asked him when he was going to purchase, and his reply was that it was free since he was a veteran. They asked for his military ID. It was in his vehicle, which was towed the day before.  C’MON JOE!

I mean the coffee is good, but a hot cup of guilt is really shomething at Sheetz, ya jagoff!

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